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Здрасти, защо не си направиш някакво потребителско име, за да не се водиш само като IP адрес? --Antonio 06:48, 17 юли 2005 (UTC)[отговор]

I guess you try to tell me something. I'm sorry to say that I can't even read your language. -- 15:01, 17 юли 2005 (UTC)[отговор]
Sorry, I didn't know you are not bulgarian. Welcome again in the Bulgarian Wikiquote! I wanted to encourage you to make an username and write down some words about you. Regards! --Antonio 20:04, 18 юли 2005 (UTC)[отговор]
Hi, and thank you for the welcome! There's no need to register as a user because I can't contribute expect some Interwiki links from time to time. Thomas (de.wikiquote) -- 20:35, 18 юли 2005 (UTC)[отговор]